Oklahoma City's newest rendezvous for positivity, fun, and a unique blend of hipster vibes. Nestled within the bustling ambiance of the city's premier event venue, our cafe is more than just a spot to quench your thirst or satiate your hunger. It's an experience, a reminder, and a momentary escape. At Have A Nice Day Cafe, we firmly believe in the power of positivity. Our environment is designed to emanate vibes of happiness, encouragement, and well-being, and our delightful staff are always ready with a smile and a cheerful greeting.

In collaboration with our internal brand, Wildlife Productions, we've developed a line of merchandise that not only looks chic but also communicates a message. Browse through our racks to find t-shirts adorned with inspiring quotes, keychains that add a dash of positivity to your everyday life, and hats that make a style statement. Dive deeper into our collection to discover jewelry and bracelets that resonate with your spirit, candles to light up your space and mood, and essential oils for holistic health. If you're a nature and healing enthusiast, our herb section promises a unique selection for holistic healing.

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Our menu is thoughtfully curated to offer something for everyone. Whether you're in need of an energy boost with our vibrant fresh juices, a warm soothing sip of our flavored teas, or a nostalgic bite with Dippin' Dots ice cream, we've got you covered. From popcorn, pretzels paired with luscious cheese, and fountain drinks, every item promises an experience to remember.

We're not just a cafe. We're a community. And as you walk through our doors, you become a part of our ever-growing family. Whether you're attending a tradeshow, a concert, or simply passing by, we invite you to pause, indulge, and take a moment to Have A Nice Day! Because here, every day is a good day.

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