What is a Crossroads Showgirl?

A Crossroads Showgirl is a highly professional and exceptional individual who can add a touch of VIP glamour to your event. This group of ladies is incredibly versatile in the world of promotional modeling and brand ambassadorship, making them the perfect fit for any type of occasion. Our Showgirls not only possess beauty but also exude an articulate demeanor of sophistication, setting a new standard for entertainment in Oklahoma. Whether they are dressed in a variety of stunning outfits or donning their signature ensemble consisting of a feather headpiece and jewel-sequenced bikini, a Crossroads Show Girl radiates grace and glamour, capable of elevating any event, whether it be a convention, trade show, concert, or sporting occasion. More than just models, they embody the innovative and illustrious legacy of the Crossroads Convention Center.

Elevate Your Brand with Crossroads Showgirls: Hire Promotional Brand Ambassadors!

For your upcoming trade show or product launch, make a lasting impression by showcasing your brand's identity with poised and captivating promotional brand ambassadors provided by Crossroads Showgirls. Take your convention, trade show, or launch event to new heights of excellence. Our promotional services will help your brand's message take center stage in your customers' minds.

Our promo models embody a distinct aura of elegance and charisma that demands attention. They exude sharpness, refinement, and professionalism. They seamlessly adapt to any environment and seamlessly transform into the precise type of event staff your occasion demands.

What a Showgirl can transform:

  • Trade Shows and Expos

  • Check-in Staff

  • Product Demonstrations

  • Professional Convention Staff

  • Booth Personnel

  • Promotional Modeling

  • Greeters

When you're aiming to establish a commanding presence, enlisting the expertise of professional promotional models guarantees that your impact will reverberate throughout the industry for days to come.


These ladies are our ambassadors to accent the event with bold costumes and headdresses for a stage of glitz and glamour to showcase models for introducing your products.

Showgirls are skilled in managing different events

To learn more about scheduling a skilled ambassador to your event follow link below.